Charlotte Mew

"a cameo cut in steel"

Charlotte Mary Mew, esteemed by Siegfried Sassoon, and Ezra Pound was born in London on November 15, 1869. She took her own life on March 24, 1928. Haunted by unrequited passion and tormented by fears of madness she, nevertheless, produced poems of unique beauty and passion. Although her life was lived for the most part in poverty and despair she was still recognized by Vita Sackville West as a poetess of distinction. Virginia Woolf called her the greatest living poetess, and Marianne Moore, a quarter of a century after her death, considered her work 'above praise.' Thomas Hardy accorded her extraordinary praise, and others believed she approached poetic genius.

Today she has been all but forgotten. Penelope Fitzgerald's laudable biography Charlotte Mew and Her Friends attempted to revive a substantial interest in her. Yet a significant lack of response seems to be the case. Material on Mew is sparse indeed. A search of Internet has resulted in a few connections. So this homepage in part will attempt to explain Charlotte Mew, tell of her tragic life, and present some of her lovely and haunting work. The author of this homepage welcomes any comment or help on bringing Charlotte Mary Mew the recognition she deserves.

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