I Know Now of White Things

The Intellect in Act is the Same as the Intelligible in Act

The Dove was always there.
But by the hands of a rustic's legerdemain,
The Dove was to come from nowhere.
We knew, as children knew, it was all a trick.
The Dove was always there.
But we were enchanted by the magician's illusions
And quick hands
Our eyes went with them; our gazes tethered
To his quick movements of distraction and misdirection.
Finally his deftness came to rest in his lap.
Then astonishingly a miracle came about
And shattered our complacency.
As the magician released his treasure
A dove appeared in fullness and white.
We were snared by the conjuring.
We exuded pleasurable responses.
The children more enthusiatically.

But to me alone ... this:
As the dove appeared, caught and ruled by such loveliness,
I beheld pure white and radiance.
But I realized at that moment
When I beheld the essence and purity of being
In the resonant beauty of the Dove,
I was at the Rim of Heaven, I was in the Realm
Of the Heavenly Forms.
I was in thrall of Plato's world of the Intelligibles.

The insouciant Dove unknowingly
Blazed and blessed me within my soul.
Could IT have known of my rapture?
That timeless summer day I saw
What I had never seen-
I saw the eternal world of pure Thought,
Pure Good, pure Beauty, pure Truth
In the swooning apprehesion of that
Most white of white Doves,
"Who stains the white radiance of eternity".

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